Aviation history and aerobatics at the highest level

Safety Joggers Works Team, former SDJ Aerobatics,  founded and led by “The Flying Nurse” Stijn De Jaeghere and sponsored by shoe manufacturer Safety Jogger, brings a unique combination of historic aircraft and stunning aerobatics.

From historical training aircraft, over unique warbirds to modern acroplanes, the Safety Jogger Works team has everything to bring your audience an unforgettable aerial spectacle! For years we have amazed spectators at airshows at home and abroad with our graceful maneuvers and beautifully renovated aircraft.

With 1 single team you bring aviation history, aerobatics and unique experiences to your show!

Our Planes


Texan T6 - raw warbird power

Without any doubt one of the most beautiful warbirds in the world! Winner of the prestigious Reserve Grand Champion WW II award at the Grand Slam of the warbirds, Airventure Oshkosh, this aircraft, built in 1944, served with the 353 Fighter Group in Suffolk. Be enchanted by the sound of the 600 hp Pratt & Whitney Wasp engine and the unique painting of the aircraft from the ground, or even better… enjoy a unique cocktail of power, nostalgia and aerobatics on board the aircraft!


Pitts S1 Special - for true acro enthusiasts

This small, agile and powerful biplane offers top-notch acrobatics! Admire a fantastic aerobatics- symphony from the ground with our experienced pilot Stijn De Jaegere as orchestra leader at the controls. Or go for the unique experience of stunt flying aboard our little powerplane!


SV4c: the stylish Belgian trainer aircraft

Built in 1946 and powered by a PK De Havilland Gipsy Major, this nimble Belgian-made trainer shows how graceful and elegant flying can be. Be transported back in time and admire the graceful lines of this biplane, from the ground or even from the open cockpit.

Book us !

Book our Team for your airshows, fly-ins and events!

We offer you a varied and unique blend of aircraft, both in the static show and in display.

Distinguish yourself as an organizer of airshows, by allowing spectators and visitors to fly on board our aircraft.

On request we also offer formation flights with other teams or aircraft. This way you can unpack with a wonderful and unrivalled program for your airshow or fly-inn.

The air experience flight takes about 20 minutes (35 to 40 minutes engine time). We hereby guarantee a once in a lifetime full air experience immersion!

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